Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Lumberjack Death Luge [House O'Pain, 1994]
Sleestack [House O' Pain 1993]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Load. Given these two gems were donated to us here by House O' Pain Records in the name of preserving their historic value -- and not to mention that it is absolutely impossible to Google a band with a name like "Load" -- I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing about this band. The main reason I'm posting it here regardless is that it's pretty fucking awesome.

What I can tell you about them is that they were a dirty southern rock band from Miami who played some noisy, heavy, reckless 90s style sludge rock in the vein of Jesus Lizard, TAD, The Cows and the like. [more insight provided in the comments courtesy of Donnie OldSchool].


Donnie Oldschool said...

Load was Miami Florida. They played Nashville three or four times back in the 90's with the first show being at the Pantheon, or at least it was supposed to be. They were scheduled to play on a Sunday afternoon and Rollins played 328 the night before. Only 10 or so people showed up so the show moved to the opening band's practice space over by the Cannery and everyone got plastered and Load rocked our faces off and were cool people as well. Friends forever after that night and such a rocking band.

Seth Graves said...

awesome. thanks for the insight, Donnie. i hear this record and just imagine these guys putting on an amazing show.

great records indeed. thanks a bunch.

Tom Hughes said...

Damn, I caught these guys live a couple of times at the old "Tip Top Cafe" mid 90's in Huntsville. It was one hell of a set! Jimmy and Shane from Property turned me onto these cats years ago. One of the best bands I,ve ever had the chance to catch live!

Unknown said...

When I met Bobby Load (the singer) at a friend's BBQ in New Orleans, and he told me the band's name, I immediately asked him "like the Tad song, 'Helot'? 'Fire mountain/Blow its LOAD/All over me!'" He was dumbfounded that I had quoted the lyrics to him and admitted that is where he had taken the band name from. He was a rad dude; sadly, he passed last year (2012). RIP Bobby.