Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rise of the Nashville Compilatons pt. IV: Opry Outcasts

In this final installment in the Nashville compilation series, I bring you a gem excavated from way back in 1989. Now, back in '89, I was getting my school on in rural Alabama, pumpin' my fist to some Cinderella and Skid Row, trying to grow my hair long like Nikki Sixxx, and sewing KISS patches to the back of my denim jacket. Meanwhile, in Nashville, a mysterious mastermind by the name of Doug Moody was putting out slabs of vinyl full of what (at least he assumed) was some of the best rock n roll in town (on gorgeous purple vinyl no less). Half a dozen posts down, there's a Rednecks in Pain record also released by Moody. Like that one, this record has at least 7 record labels listed here: Superseven Records, Thrash Records, Bootleg Records, Ghetto-Way Records, and Mystic Records -- all under the blanket of Doug Moody Productions. Did he run all these labels? Is this the same Doug Moody Productions listed on the Great Balls of Fire OST?

The aformentioned Rednecks in Pain also appear on this comp with what may not be their best recording, but by far one of their best songs. You also get May-Day who contribute some psychedelic proto-grunge to the mix, Caustic Solutions who've laid down some decent thrashcore, and Word Uprising is a hard rockin' southern band who sounds about like their name would suggest. I recommend getting at least for the R.I.P. track.

And this concludes the Music City compage for now -- at least until I get some more.


Donnie Oldschool said...

Seth - Doug Moody was from California and was the infamous owner of Mystic Records. They released a bunch of records from bands that went on to be pretty big in the early 80's. He was notorious for ripping bands off, check the internets for lots of stories. He found RIP through a friend of ours that was helping him in the later years and he released the last RIP 7" and allowed me to put together the "Opry Outcasts" 7". The idea was to do a comp 7" from all 50 states but he died before it ever came together. While Doug was apparently a snake in his dealings, he never ripped us off and gave us what we asked for in return for the 7"s (which wasn't much - 100 records each in return for a 1000 record run and the ability to buy more at cost). I doubt we would have seen any more free records if it went beyond 1000but I also highly doubt it did. We probably sold 200 of them ourselves.

Patrick - msigarmy.com said...

Oh shit, Donnie...

Patrick Houdek from Carbondale, Illinois here!

Get in touch with me, I've got some RIP video for you!

Doug is actually still alive, I'm going to go try to visit him next month.


Michael said...

oh man, you need the Die Die Muh Darlin' comp 7" it came out on Vorgo Pass in maybe 1997 (?) as a follow up to Nashville Coming Fire (both references to Danzig fronted bands). it had like 9 bands on it including the fun girls, teen idols, java christ, plus ick and dr gonzo from murfresboro

Seth Graves said...

yes. that would be amazing. I've almost run out of records to blog, but once or twice a year i go digging for more. Anything you could get to me would be most appreciated.

Darin said...

Hey, I played drums for ick :) I still have the Die Die Muh Darlin' 7".