Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Beautys - "Sweetheart! Sweetheart!" 7"


The Beautys - Sweetheart! Sweetheart! EP [House O' Pain, 1997]

Another, much appreciated donation from House O' Pain. These guys hailed from Ft. Wayne, IN, which may be slightly out of my jurisdiction, but since when is it punk rock to start following rules and shit? Once again, I'll use this rare opportunity to let the band's Myspace profile speak for itself:

1995-2003 The Beautys are a hot blooded trio of rockers that hail from the seemingly innocent city of Fort Wayne Indiana. They have toured the U.S. several times and have shared the stage with such rock-n-roll luminaries as: the New Bomb Turks, Electric Frankenstein, The Dwarves, The Donnas [the name dropping could go on and on]. The Beautys have also garnered good reviews for their independent releases, as well as their releases for labels such as: Hopeless/ Sub City, Mutant Pop, and House-o Pain records. The Beautys play a wicked combo of sleazy,high-energy punk rock. Whether singing songs about the blue collar angst of living in a soul sucking factory town, or ripping it up in the key of hangover flat, these freaks really mean it. So what if 1/3 of the band is a card carrying estrogen factory? This is no shy, retiring, girly-poo kind of set up going on here. Chica Baby swings from angel to demon as she sings and hammers away on her guitar while Erick and Salsa Dave lay down the beats the old fashioned way, fast and hard!

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