Monday, May 17, 2010

High Strung - See You at the Bottom 7"

High Strung - See You at the Bottom [ Denied a Custom, 1998?]

If you're not familiar with High Strung, I blogged about them before. Didn't know this record existed until I found it at East Nashville's The Groove recently. Judging by the price, and the Japanese sticker/liner notes, this is perhaps an import or maybe just cleverly designed to look like one. Who knows. Who cares. It's got 7 cuts of anthemic politically-charged, live for the moment high speed punk rock on it from what were future members of Asschapel, Snakeskin Machinegun, Hans Condor, Pine Hill Haints, Natchez Shakers, etc etc With all the liner notes and handbills jammed into this thing, nowhere is there a year indicating when it was released. I'm pretty almost positively sure this band disbanded by 1999 or so, so I'm guessing around 1998?

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