Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tres Kids - The Fast Food Haunted House Conspiracy

Tres Kids are a pretty standard hardcore trio from Athens, GA. They played my town twice that I recall. I remember the first time liking them a lot. But the second time not so much, thinking they'd changed their sound considerably. I was also 18 and very drunk at both shows, so who knows. I do remember at the second show giving the singer a very hard time, pretending he was Rivers Cuomo (he did look a lot like Rivers Cuomo) and that I was his biggest fan (I was an extremely big Weezer fan). Dude was a little freaked out. But I was also convinced he was hitting on my girlfriend, so I felt justified at the time in not relenting.

Half these songs were recorded live on what I'm assuming is a college radio show. Not the best recording, but in terms of punk rock, it's as good a recording as any. The rest were apparently recorded at Rivers Cuomo's house. There's a cover of Subhuman's "Mickey Mouse is Dead", which i'm guessing no one ever bothered to license. Enjoy!

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