Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chickenhead Won the War Today

Chickenhead: Everything Must Go! E.P. (4 1/2 Fingers Records, 1993) + 2 bonus tracks

I was slightly too young to have actually been aware of Miami's Chickenhead when they were around, but I heard many stories from the older kids in town in the years that followed. Their shows and antics were somewhat the stuff of legend. Singer Chuck Loose - later of The Crumbs - allegedly set himself on fire during their set. I was later a big fan of their guitarist Iggy Scam's (Onion Flavored Rings, The Hidden Resentments) zine SCAM!, so one day when my friend Jason was selling his records for rent money, I hesitated not from snatching this up from him.

This record is about as raucous, rambunctious, sloppy, and reckless as punk rock gets. It's kind of like if Black Flag got drunk on cheap wine all the time and stopped giving a shit so much about politics and focused a little more on breaking shit, looting, and other general chaotic and (self) destructive behavior. Short and sweet, these tracks all crash and burn in just under a minute yielding maybe about 6 minutes of music total. With just a little research, I found out that Recess Records has rereleased this gem, so I encourage any of you who dig it to buy it here for only $3.

As a bonus, I've thrown in two extra compilation tracks: the song "Young Fidel" from Lookout! Records and Kill Rock Stars joint compilation A Slice of Lemon, and "Ruin Your Day" from Recess Records Play at Your Own Risk, Vol 2 box set which you should still be available from Recess (also includes Black Fork, The Crumbs, Quincy Punx, and The Slackers).

As far as I can tell, the only thing missing here is their split CD with Los Canadians, Mutiny in Miami, which seems to be out of print these days. However, if you're still itching for more Chickenhead, check out what I found on You Tube:


Jack said...

I think I am going to love this weblog. This Chickenhead 7" was actually the very first punk rock single I ever owned, ordered out of the back of Maximumrocknroll because it was only $1 postpaid. I don't know what they were thinking—but then again, they were probably too busy "smash(ing) and grab(bing)." I never did see them live, though I did interview Chuck for my first zine.

Vertical House Records said...

Stole a car and got away, Chickenhead won the war today!

Anonymous said...

I met a dude with a Chickenhead tattoo in Chattanooga, TN once...