Sunday, March 2, 2008


Trying to spread this out as best I can over the South, it's time we moved on a little more East to Atlanta. This is actually the only vinyl I have from around those parts. The Atlanta scene rarely made the drive over to Huntsville, at least not in my day. In fact, I'm kind of straining to think of more than one or two ATL bands that came to town except for Subsonics. I never had the pleasure of catching them when they played my town, but my band The 3D's had the honor of opening for them at the Star Bar in Atlanta circa 1998.

I first heard of this record after reading a review in Alternative Press when I was in the 9th grade. I bought it a few months later when I spotted it in Sunburst Records. Side A is a jangly retro rock n roll jam that sounds something like if VU-era Lou Reed was a little more into meth than heroin. Side B is a cover of Richard Hell's "Love Comes in Spurts" and doesn't sound too far removed from the original.

As for the history of the band, I don't know much. Singer/guitarist Clay Reed and
drummer Buffi Aguero have been the mainstays of the band with revolving bass players throughout the years. They've got something like 5 full lengths, and according to their Myspace, they're still playing around. So if you dig this, I strongly encourage you to check out the rest of their catalog, most especially the CD Follow Me Down.


Jack said...

I brought a few bands over from Atlanta for a show at World Conspiracy in August '96 (I think?), but it was a bad idea as hardly anyone attended. But immense guilt was the gamble I took in those days, I suppose.

Was Buffi ever in another band that might have come to Huntsville in the mid-90s? Her name is familiar and I swear I helped her set up a show but I can't recall who the band was.

A.K. said...

I remember seeing Subsonics play at an old auction house near Bandito Burrito around '94. That's the only time I recall them playing H'ville. Tried to catch them in Tuscaloosa with Man or Astroman? but it was 21 and up. Ha, those were the days.