Wednesday, March 5, 2008

White Trash Superman

White Trash Superman - Couldn't If I Tried b/w Wheaties (We Did It Ourselves Records, 1994?)
I don't know a whole lot about White Trash Superman besides the fact that I love this record, their singer/guitarist Jayson went on to form The Grumpies (who'll be covered later on), and they came from the college town of Starkville, Mississippi.
I only saw WTS once sometime in the summer of 1995. They played a pizza shop called J. Gregry's (Jack, didn't you guys play this show?) and I remember then being not quite simple, fast, or sloppy to be what most in Huntsville at that would consider "punk rock". I recall my friend Trey saying something to me in that respect and saying something back at him like "Yeah... I think this is like... 'indie rock'"

One night, probably more than a year later, I was cleaning out my car to find someone (still not sure who, but if you want it back, sorry!) left this in my back seat. Side A sounds like Dinosaur Jr. on a pop punk binge. It's a song that beckons to be listened to repeatedly and will remain in rotation inside your head for days to come. Side B starts out slow, sounding a hell of a lot like Pavement before picking up the pace to morph into something more along the lines of Superchunk.

With a little research, I was able to snag their other 7" "Punk Rock Hero" (which is in this in the file you're downloading) off their Myspace where you can also get these tracks. Although, i recommend you download them here, as i've got them all tagged with cover art and all.


Jack said...

The summer of '95 is when Themack broke up, so it wasn't us that played with WTS at J. Gregry's. I don't think I ever actually saw White Trash Superman perform. I was pen pals with one of the members before WTS got together and somewhere I have a cassette demo of his previous band, the name of which escapes me. (I'm tearing apart my cassette collection trying to find it, but to no avail.)

Seth Amphetamine said...

ahhh. i'm confusing this with a different J. Gregry's show then, because I know I saw Themack there - i even remember you guys were wearing McDonald's uniforms and ties. but i had to miss most of your set because of my curfew.

Jack said...

I wish I had a scanner, because I have a manila envelope full of flyers I could be appending to your posts. But yes, you saw us at J. Gregry's on May 25th, 1995 with Puddle and the Stumblebums. (I remember Puddle, but who were the Stumblebums? Was that a band with Jason Burke in it?)

Seth Amphetamine said...

Stumble Bums were Heiko from The Slackers, Neil Delbaccio from the Toxic Shocks and 565 Burnouts. and I think Ben - also from the 565 Burnouts - was in that band too.

Yeah, I defintely remembered them being on the bill but forgot all about Puddle playing. And i was totally confusing this show with White Trash Superman - now I can't remember who the hell else played that show.

And I used to have a ton of those flyers. They wallpapered my room at my parents house. I wound up only keeping the ones my bands played on.

Chris Buzzard said...

hmmm I always thought the Grumpies were first? Now I have to research the whole deal!

nate said...

Hey man is that record up for grabs? Ill pay a good buck for it..